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 永勝玉器行成立於 1974 年. 由香港玉石商會副會長嚴天就先生創立. 主要經營天然緬甸翡翠及新疆和田白玉.
永勝重質重量, 直接從緬甸購入原石加工; 由切石, 磨玉, 設計, 鑲作, 皆一手包辦.
嚴先生年輕時曾是鑲作學徒, 學成後經營打金工場, 後期轉營玉器, 故此對於珠寶加工甚有研究. 永勝多年來對於珠寶設計及鑲作皆一絲不苟. 近十多年來更拓展業務經營和田白玉.

Established in 1976, Yim's Victor Jade is a Hong Kong based Jade manufacturer and retailer with expertise in Burmese Jade, Chinese Hetian Nephrite (white jade), and antique jade. Today, Yim's Victor Jade Co. is a second generation family-owned business with dealings in Hong Kong, China, North America, and Southeast Asia.

At Yim's Victor Jade, we carry a selection of jade crafts with superb artistry as well as fine jadeite jewelry. We have operations in both Hong Kong and Pingzhou, PRC to ensure control over the quality and the price of our production. We look forward to your arrival at our retail location on Canton Road and at various jewellery exhibitions in Hong Kong.